Do adjustments hurt?
Simple answer is No. Chiropractic adjustments rarely hurt. We adjust all walks of life from newborns to geriatric patients and everyone in between. We do tell new patients who are having their first chiropractic adjustment ever that they may experience soreness in the beginning, but seldom is there pain.

What is an adjustment?
A Chiropractic adjustment is a specific and scientific thrust into a joint that is not moving or functioning properly. The purpose is to cause a neurological change and help the body to remove the subluxation. This is not a gross manipulation of the joints. This is a specific adjustment based on fixation specific range of motion of the joint.

What is chiropractic?
Chiropractic is the body’s true health care system. Chiropractic works with the innate healing power that every one’s body has. To remove the interference between the brain and the rest of the body so that way the body can heal itself.

Can I see a chiropractor if I am pregnant?
Absolutely! Now, people should be getting checked by a chiropractor prior to becoming pregnant, however if pregnancy is the gateway you are using to get into chiropractic care, then absolutely. The first thing that must happen is an evaluation and if it is determined that you have subluxations then adjustments are necessary. In our practice the care for a pregnant mom is the entirely of the pregnancy and after birth to ensure all changes happening to mom are monitored, she gets through the process with ease.

Why do adjustments make a popping sound?
Not all adjustments make popping sounds. Sometimes when people receive a chiropractic adjustment, they hear popping and cracking, however that is not the adjustment or the bones themselves. What is happening is, as the ligaments are being stretched during the adjustment, gas is escaping the fibers and can cause the popping sounds. The number of pops and loudness of pops have zero indication if you had a “good” adjustment or not.

What do chiropractors treat?
Chiropractors are unique in they do not treat ANYTHING except for the vertebral subluxation. We specifically work with the spine to restore function and remove subluxations. Now, most people go to a chiropractor because of some type of back pain, neck pain, or headaches. A side effect of restoring function and removing subluxations is the patient feels better and does not have as much pain or has no pain at all. That is misleading because Chiropractors are not back and neck doctors, we are central nervous system doctors, and when people who come in with neck pain and back pain feel better that is the label we get.

Can I learn to adjust myself?
NO! people cannot learn to adjust themselves. Although some people can feel like they are adjusting themselves because they can make their back crack does not mean they are adjusting themselves. They are hurting themselves by creating abnormal sheering forces on the twisting motion it takes to make your back “pop.” It is physically impossible to have the correct biomechanics and physics set up to adjust yourself, so please leave the adjusting to the professionals.

How do my bones get out of place?
There are many ways subluxations can occur. Subluxations are when two adjacent spinal bones are misaligned putting stress on the nerves. A few ways you can create subluxations is by physical traumas, multiple microtraumas, poor postural patterns, toxin intake whether it is food or drugs, stress, and emotional imbalances. All of these create subluxations and sometimes multiple actions create a subluxation.
It is extremely hard to pinpoint when you get a subluxation because for you to show any type of symptom, your nerves must be pinched/compressed up to 60%.

Is chiropractic safe?
Chiropractic care is among the safest professions in the world. Let us let the numbers talk for themselves. For a chiropractor to purchase a malpractice insurance policy of 3 million dollars a year it costs approx. $1500-2500.00/year. There are other specialties in the medical field where their malpractice is $30,000 to 90,000/year for that same coverage. Insurance companies would not make the premium for chiropractic care so low if it was a dangerous and risky profession. There are assumed risks as in anything and we will gladly go over those with you.

Who can get adjusted?
Who can get adjusted? Anyone can get adjusted. Dr. Richie has adjusted patients from 1 week old up to 94 years of age. Dr. Molly has adjusted patients from one week old to geriatric age and she also adjusts animals. At Summit Family Chiropractic anyone and everyone in your family can get adjusted. Does everyone get the same adjustment? No, it is specific to each patient based on force needed, technique used and what your body requires for care.

Why should I see a chiropractor if I am not in pain?
Do you still go to the gym if you are in shape? Or brush your teeth daily even if your teeth look clean?

It is always good to have your spine checked so you are knowledgeable of anything that could be wrong. Subluxations must be compressing nerves up to 60% to have any type of symptom. If you do not have pain, it is the best time to get checked for subluxations so if it is shown that you have subluxations, you can fix them before you are in any pain and can continue doing what you love with vitality and longevity.

Do I have to go for the rest of my life?
No, you do not have to do anything that is good for you for the rest of your life. Based on the science, it is a good idea to continuously get checked for subluxations to ensure no nerve interference is ever in your body.
Lifetime care is something we are all doing constantly and depending on the choices we continue to make will determine the quality of lifetime care we provide ourselves.