Our goal is to create a more informed and healthy community. To do that, we offer several options to educate, interact and create community within and outside of our practice.

Spinal and Postural screenings are performed in the office and out in the community. They are part of the initial consultation to see if the patient can possibly be best helped in our facility. We also use the spinal and postural screenings out in the community when we volunteer to attend events and create a happier and healthier zip code of Louisville and the surrounding areas.

Outside Talks:
We believe education is paramount. A confident, informed, and healthy community is able to adapt more quickly and handle adversity much more efficiently. For this reason, we do outside talks at facilities at our expense to extend that information to the entire community in a stress-free way.

Spinal workshops:
We believe education is the most important part about care in our facility. Yes, the chiropractic adjustment works and if we cannot teach you to do things differently, at some point in the future you will be back in the same position you were in when you first walked into our facility. Therefore, we do spinal workshops every Tuesday night at 6pm. These are practical classes with individual topics that are designed to help you build better spinal hygiene.